Shaka Bruhh

l Arizona | Sagittarius | 05/24/14 💜


“ I wake up in the middle of the night, and no matter where I am, I search for you. Whether it’s me searching for you in my bed with me, or checking my phone to see if you’re awake, I’m always looking for you. When I wake up for the day, I always text you good morning, even though I know you’re still sleeping. Throughout the day, I do things, I go about my day, and I see you in so many things. Sometimes I see you in the passenger seat of my car, sometimes I hear you in the music I listen to, sometimes the thought of you just makes me stop my day and embrace the fact that you’re with me. I would stop my day whenever, if it meant I could have some comfort in your memory. You make my day worth living. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to Skype with you and see your face, or call you and hear your voice, and those things I don’t take for granted. For the first time in my life, I’ve had a vivid picture of my future, the person I’m going to marry, and the life I’m going to live, and you’re apart of it. You’re the girl who changes everything ”

—    April 15, 2014 (via urmothafuxingnigga)

(via its-beyond-paradise)